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Development of Questionnaires
and Other Data-gathering Strategies

CARES works cooperatively with agencies to help design questionnaires and other data collection tools that will enable them to answer questions for planning and testing outcomes. While we are always happy to share the benefits of both professional training and many years of experience in applied research, we are careful not to confuse our own research interests with those of the organizations that seek our consultation and technical assistance.

We can consult on and provide on-line, written, and telephone surveys, focus group guides, and forms to document observations or practices. We can collect the data or train community members to collect it.

Project Evaluation

CARES frequently works with the Division of Aging and other recipients of federal grants to conduct an independent evaluation of grant-funded interventions and initiatives. We are experienced in working with federal funders and national evaluators to assure that requirements are met and that participating agencies are able to understand the strengths and limitations of their work. We are flexible in working with agencies in adapting evaluation to changing circumstances or changing demands.

Data Analysis

In addition to analyzing data we collect, CARES is also willing and able (with IRB approval) to analyze administrative data and other data sets that organizations already own. We will consult on whether, or to what degree, existing data can answer key questions and suggest, if necessary, other data that would clarify the information the agency needs to know. Here, too, we are willing to work collaboratively to further explore findings that suggest additional questions.

Dissemination of Findings

We do not believe in reports that sit on shelves. We emphasize reporting findings in ways that are clear to general audiences, as well as to those more familiar with statistical methods. In addition to conventional research reports, we produce Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, live or webinar presentations, posters, booklets, newsletter articles, or brochures that agencies can use to communicate with their stakeholders.